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     One could say that the painter and print maker William Brown had no formal training beyond high school. Indeed, I know this to be true. We met during highschool and were together constantly from 1971 through 1975. However, it would not be correct to suggest that William was unschooled. He studied the biographies, methods and accomplishments of those who passed into art history before him on a daily basis.
     From the time that he left high school, even as he worked at factory jobs, William assigned himself the daily quota of one hundred drawings. A sizeable pile of bond paper notepads collected in our studio/home in Brampton, Ontario. These drawings used to require constant modeling on 
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did still lifes of every 
variation imaginable.
          Some iconic 
images noted in his later works appeared as early as 1972; such as the still life on a table, set under the moon beyond the windows. The Brampton Police knew these images and others very well. There was a 10 pm curfew on those who were under 18 years during the early 1970s in Brampton. The Police chased us home from our curb seats regularly, when William would perch before Ontario's gothic mansions to sketch after dark. They also knocked on our door at 2 am and gawked at the nudes in large canvases, asking us why our lights were still on. We treated it more as a way to relieve their personal curiousity than harassment, though it was both.

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