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The lost years are the years between 1972 and 1976 when William was establishing his sense of self. It was a tumultuous period when he was ‘out of touch’ with his family, not so much because he desired to be, but 
Text Box: because like most 
teenagers he experienced
a period of conflict with his parents’ views about what he should be doing with his life. 
     This was also, ironically,  the period of time when he lived with me. He once told me his father highly disapproved when he decided to pursue his art, saying in his mind any man who had no calluses on his hands was not truly a man. His mother was a much softer personality, but it was clear that part of his lifelong inspiration was to win his father’s approval.

Sharon Berg under the boughs of a pine tree on the grounds of the University of Toronto. 

Photo by Phil York, 1977.



Phil York at Toronto City Hall. He was William’s best friend in this period. Photo by Sharon Berg,  1977.


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