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Text Box: Tapestry     by Sharon Berg

When we lay naked in the dark
your accent was a soft burr in my hair
recalling the tongues of ancestors
the strength of clans
and the man-lifted stones
of the borders they built between them.

Plaids and crests were a backdrop
liker an accent on an untrained ear
or gauze drapery drawn over a window
to bandage the view.

You unravelled legends at night
when we undressed like wounds
in the cool air.

Wrapped in the silk of tapestry.
you made us gold, green, blue,
pure silk 
and legendary.

You have left us real
and shot-through
like silk.

Text Box: Sharon Behind Vase 
by William Brown. 
Oils. 1972.

William with Guitar
By Sharon Berg.
1973. Pencil drawing.

Tapestry. Watercolour and Ink. 1987. This is an illustrated poem by Sharon Berg.


This poem appears in

To a Young Horse,

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